Intermediate Interior Design

Intermediate Level

Interior Design

GROUP 1 -Claire Atkinson, Danielle Schell, Cassidy Varone – PDF Dowload

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The target of this residency design project is made up of customers interested in Florentine stays at an apartment furnished with care and good taste. Their main interests are art, design, travelling, and good music. They also are passionate about good food and wine, and like to spend time with their friends having long conversations at dinner. The goal of residency design project is to renovate the premises covered by the location and transform them into four holiday residency apartments.

Each one of the four apartments must be designed creating a living area connected to the dining room and the kitchen. A space where clients can spend time together with their friends and guests, in a non-formal and relaxing atmosphere.

The main objective of the project is to offer guests a contemporary and warm style which also represents their lifestyle, taste, and needs. Student choices must be directed towards high quality design with a mix of brand furnishings and complements, customized solutions, and attention to detail. Decorations on walls and floors, which create a smooth and elegant ambient, are also requested, along with the possibility to change the ambience, look, and atmosphere through the use of different lighting systems and lamps.

The students were invited to develop their projects by working on the following topic.

Eros and Logos: Between Reason and Sensual Pleasure

The juxtaposition of eros and logos is one of western culture’s fundamental problems. Grounded in Greek philosophy, particularly in Plato’s Symposium, the tension between the two forces underlies mankind’s eternal quest, which is the pursuit of knowledge and truth. In order to attain this goal, reason alone is not enough: it must be sustained by love and desire; not a carnal desire, but rather an inexhaustible energy that leads to the sublime. From this perspective, these opposite principles’ apparent incompatibility transforms into a perfect synergy, where logic and passion unite in order to transcend the boundaries of human experience and achieve ideal beauty.

Instructor: Giulio Vinci