West, For There Are Two

West, For There Are Two

by David Halloran


West, For There Are Two by David Halloran

West, For There Are Two explores the duality of the American wilderness and the creatures that inhabit it. Halloran has traversed what appear to be empty Western spaces, capturing them from both omnipresent and confined positions. Placing viewers above and within the landscape, Halloran’s work exposes the dynamism between the fixed horizon that separates mountain and sky, hills and clouds, and the stirring habitats of birds, chipmunks, and snakes.



David Halloran is a photographer, writer, and editor living in Dallas, Texas. With a wanderlust-driven spirit, a bachelor’s in Photojournalism, and master’s in Journalism, he took his skills to Ink Publishing where he was the photo editor for American Airlines’ in-flight magazines for two years.
During his tenure with Ink, Halloran chased moose through the wilderness of Maine, worked with some of the best photographers and illustrators in the world, and drove Maseratis through the snow-covered Rockies, among many other adventures.