Tiny Florence – Summer B 2024

Tiny Florence

Summer 2024

Tiny Florence – Summer B 2024

The exhibition Tiny Florence – Firenze Piccolina proudly showcases the imaginative talents of our Florence University of the Arts students. This collection of 80 black and white photographs depicts intimate moments within 5×5 inch frames, offering fresh and unique perspectives on the rich culture of Florence. Honing their creativity through a range of subjects, students in our Introduction to Digital Photography program have explored and interpreted what “Tiny Florence” means to them, reflecting their personal insights and adventures. 

Visitors will discover a variety of subjects, from grand architectural sights to quiet street corners. “The biggest challenge – said one photography student – was figuring out how to put it all together. I wanted to capture certain parts of the Duomo to create a large image. I had to figure out the composition in my head to create the whole picture.” Each piece encourages viewers to engage deeply with the essence of Florence through the eyes of FUA-AUF’s emerging photographers. Another student adds, “[My] photography is original – and not a cookie-cutter image. My photographs bring delicacy yet boldness.” 

Florence has long been a cradle of artistic expression, and our students are encouraged to continue this tradition by showcasing the nuanced beauty of everyday life. Students document the city’s cultural heritage by reinventing classic monochromatic images with a contemporary eye. The University’s vision of integration, engagement, and experiential learning within the community is embodied in the spirit of Tiny Florence. We invite you to immerse yourself in these intimate moments from an international perspective, with artists from a range of diverse cultures. Tiny Florence allows you to see the city through the eyes of its visitors, experiencing its beauty for the first time. Through this exhibition, we hope to evoke a sense of wonder and excitement similar to that felt by our students.