Tiny Florence – Summer 2024

Tiny Florence

Summer 2024

Tiny Florence – Summer 2024

“When people view my photos, I want them to feel a sense of familiarity, longing, and comfort all at once. I aim to capture the small details and moments that bring life to the mundane. My hope is that my pictures evoke a sense of nostalgia, resonating with the viewer’s own cherished memories.” – Isabel Brooke Seldes, Introduction to Digital Photography Student

“I am fascinated with the pigeons of Florence. Some look similar, but most are very different compared to the ones we have in America. Each one has a unique feather pattern with strange colors. I had never seen a brown or spotted pigeon until I came to Italy.” – Maya Stewart, Intermediate Landscape and Architectural Photography Student

Firenze Piccolina” – Tiny Florence is an intimate photographic journey. Shared through the eyes of FUA-AUF students enrolled in Introduction to Photography, and Intermediate Landscape and Architectural Photography classes. These photographs capture the essence of Florence in a series of 6 cm x 6 cm black-and-white snapshots. The students have reached deeper, beyond the typical Florentine experience, seeking beauty in the unseen and overlooked. 

Tiny Florence is meant to challenge the audience to find splendor in simplicity, and to take a moment to reflect on the smaller moments that are often overshadowed by the city’s famed landmarks. Each image pays homage to the individuality of the city’s character, through themes such as its people, the Arno River, buildings, statues, and all the oddities in between. The layout of this exhibition invites potential viewers to come in and observe, and to recognize how the display alludes to the familiar Florentine aspects they hold dear to their hearts. In both content and display, the exhibition is a tribute to Florence’s timeless identity.

These students have learned not only to observe their world closely, but also to connect with it. They have fostered a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds them and engaged on a higher level within the community through their close study of the city and its people. FUA-AUF promotes and renews creative disciplines in a city renowned for its historic innovations, by enriching students through cultural integration, community engagement, and experiential learning. This exhibition is not just a display of skill, but part of their story. Each photograph is a tiny (piccolina) chapter of their time in Florence.