Scatti senza Meta di Alessandra Pagliai

Scatti senza Meta

di Alessandra Pagliai

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We look at the world once, in childhood. The rest is memory.
[Louise Gluck]

This exhibition is brought to us by Alessandra Pagliai, a local artist of Florence, who gives us a glimpse into how she sees our world. Scatti Flaneuse is the art of casual walking, exploration with no expectations. Her photography captures the city in three different states of rain, shadows, and puddles. She prefers to shoot spontaneously, letting the atmosphere influence her photography. All images displayed were taken on the camera of her Samsung cellphone.

Alessandra is also a journalist, painter, and potter. Her aim is to capture light, a fascination she’s had since adolescence. Offering us 50x70cm and 17x12cm photographs, she invites us to explore our inner child, as well as take a journey into her passion for the outdoors, for its opportunities for encounters and unpredictableness. To keep the authenticity of her photographs, she never plans a photo, but rather lets the photo come to her.

Alessandra first encountered this space when she had coffee at Fedora, instantly being reminded of a classic Giorgio Vasari gallery, and contacted Florence University of the Arts to showcase her own artwork in collaboration with the school. As students of FUA/AUF curating this exhibition, our goal is to interact with the local community in a hands-on environment, enriching our education both through immersing ourselves in the culture, as well as first hand experience in the world of art. Working with Alessandra, we received so much insight to her artistic process that we aimed to bring to life.