Meg Schwieterman, Sister

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Dayton, OH University of South Carolina Digital File None This image portrays one view of those in pursuit of God and religion (specifically Catholicism) from home. It shows the power of the domestic church and how we can use technology to disperse our church, not make it dissipate. The pursuit of religion during quarantine holds tension between eros and logos -- faith out of love of God even when it is not logical.


Gillian Mitreuter, Madison Kids, Meg Schwieterman, Clayton Monarch

Through lectures and discussions, students addressed contemporary issues such as the cultural, social, and political influence of images and journalism on society as well as ethic and legal issues in photojournalism.

By analyzing influential photographers and different styles of storytelling, the students were able to develop a personal sensibility and point of view that they translated into the production of the final project.

Instructor: Simone Ballerini