How many times have you or someone you know felt anxious and in pain from societies hypocritical rules? How many times did you feel like screaming but couldn’t because you didn’t know what to say and how to say what you are feeling?

Take a moment and think about that, think about your pain and internal struggle with societies hollow laws. Let me ease your mind and tell you that you are not alone, you were never alone, in fact I invite you to join me, I invite you to scream with me and fight for what everyone wants, fight for love. However, this time we will do things differently, because if we fight love with destruction we will lose before we have started. This time we will fight love with love. Join me to face society in the face and scream that their narrow understanding of what they call unconditional love doesn’t have rules on who to love unconditionally.

Being vulnerable is never easy, but here I’m opening my wounds, my pain, and my struggles. An open book as they say. I didn’t choose who to love, as much as I didn’t choose what gender I was born. I love being a woman, and my heart also fell for one. How is that wrong? How is that societies know what is wrong and what is right for me? I could only think of one reason, is that they never felt what real love is. Therefore, I decided to show it to them. I invite you again, and together we will fight love with love.

M. | FUA-AUF Career Photography