Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

Flower Walk

FUA-AUF Career Photography

Flower Walk is a series of double exposures taken on expired film. The techniques are not special, and I didn’t arrange anything in the frame, and as the final image, I want to choose the square format for present it, to cut out the unnecessary outside the frames, and focus on the Flower itself – which is the main topic in this work. 

I have one semester in the past to learn about flowers anatomy, which was the part of my environmental studies program, and I always wander can they understand my speech? I have spent too many times to talk with those flowers when I was living alone, like real conversation, but they are not like animals, they cannot reply to me, and it is keeping inside my mind for so long about can they understand me? Do they want to talk back to me, but they cannot? Those kinds of questions make me wonder and wonder more about how the flowers react with this world, are they only blooming as that is the only reasons they live? How about those flowers that cannot bloom? Over and over those years, it quite makes me believe on the soul of the flower, as I perhaps believe on flowers have their own soul, like us. And I want to do one project for just express on what I think about those flowers.

            As a traveler, I mostly travel alone, explore the world outside by myself and as too many times I went around, I wonder how is it when you cannot move? I always see flowers and trees in many photos I took before, but they can’t move themselves. They are fixed in one location as we put them in, or they grew up themselves in that place. In my opinion, it is the sad life that they cannot see the world outside by themselves. Their views for their entire life are fixed in one frame, one view, literally they don’t have another view or another options, maybe their views are shaken by the wind, and then that’s it, nothing more. One time, I travelled with my film camera, and one expired film roll; and then I decided to invite those flowers I saw to join the journey with me. I want to have someone to explore my travel with me, remember where I have been through, and how things were around when I was there. I chose those flower in the botanic garden, as that was the time their blooming colorfully. The first layer in this whole series is focusing on the flowers, can be either horizontal or vertical. Then the second layer as double exposure was the routes I have been travelled during that specific of time. This project perhaps works like my diary on the journey with my friend (in this case – flowers).

Anh Nguyen | FUA-AUF Career Photography