Amanda Burton

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Amanda Burton

FUA-AUF Photography Student

This is about a venerable moment in a common space. Each image is carefully curated to seem as if the model has taken control of her area because of her power and exposed self towards the camera. These strong women portray their confidence in myself as the photographer, and the way they are shown on camera. Many local people have been to these locations hundreds of times a day, but allowing to create ones own space in a public setting is very special.
This body of work are a various group of images taken from east and west coasts. The relationship between my love for both places are shown in the dedication and time put into the execution of each image. The paring of images are based on the setting and shot. I want to show the viewer the image at its full but also its most detail. The woman who star in my works are friends who I have made on the internet. Some I met for the first time on set and some are life long friends.
Colors and props are very prominent in these images because of how I want the viewer to feel. I purposefully have the dressing compliment the tones of the background so the model stands out in the foreground. Props are used to show the fun and flirtatious side of the images as well. It adds an element that many viewers did not know it needed until it was there.
My work for the past year has used a combination of revealing aspects and aesthetics hope to make an impact on the viewer. In the current state where many people believe this path has no relevance, I find myself returning back to the root where I found my niche in the first place. The context of the work with its location, style, and modeling, impact on the relationship as a whole.
My work ranges from all over the world. I find the props I use to emphasize the location and make it look natural. The angles of each image depend on what I am trying to tell in the whole picture. A wider shot to convey the scene, while a tight to show detail and precision. I focus on what is pleasing to the viewer in colors. My tones are very soft and vintage like. It transports the viewer into a realm in my eyes. There is movement in my images where the viewer can feel as if they could picture the behind the scenes themselves. My imagination runs wild as I wander through this lifetime looking at everyday places as if I could turn it into a place for my own creativity.

Amanda Burton | FUA-AUF Photography Student