Neptune’s Child by Chloe Johnson

Neptune’s Child

by Chloe Johnson

AUF/FUA-AUF Photography Student

Neptune’s Child explores my idea of growing in confidence through a siren-esque character in three different stages of the process. The first chapter being false idealistic confidence, the version of the siren’s self she aspires to be, this identity only exists in her head. Chapter 2 showcases her confidence in her home in comfort clothes that hide her body. Although this version of herself is based in reality, the vulnerability and comfortability can only thrive in private without any judgment. The 3rd and final chapter is the siren out in the world embracing herself and the world around her. She is able to confidently wear clothes that hug her body in public. I chose to convey the theme of confidence through the siren character because of my affinity of water and mythology surrounding it. Sirens have been represented as beautiful alluring women residing near bodies of water. For me the siren represents this confidence I inspire to have.

Bio: Chloe Johnson is an American photography student currently earning her bachelor’s in photography at Virginia Commonwealth University and studying abroad at Florence University of The Arts for a semester. Born February 25 2002 in Dallas, Texas she grew up in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Artist Statement:  My work as an artist focuses on highlighting black bodies, culture and women through fantasy and romantic ideas. Exploring black femininity in both traditional and non traditional aesthetics in order to expand our ideas of black womanhood. I use my work as a form of escapism creating stories and exploring personal themes through surrealist and fantasy aesthetics.