Gardens of Culture – Final Student Exhibit Fall 2023

Gardens of Culture

Student Final Exhibit - Fall 2023

We are honored to showcase works from the FUA-AUF Fall, 2023 final student exhibition, “Gardens of Culture”. This exhibition is a collection of hard work, creativity and imagination of our DIVA and SAS Fine Arts students who have spent this past semester exploring various mediums such as digital and film photography, as well as ceramics.
The FUA-AUF programs participating in this exhibition are: Advanced Film Photography, Studio Photography, Intermediate Digital Photography, Introduction to Digital Photography, Introduction to Film Photography, Introduction to Street Photography, Ceramics.
Some of the projects presented in the exhibition will reflect similar themes and concepts as those discussed in the FUA/AUF Twelfth Annual Conference entitled “Gardens of Culture: Italo Calvino’s Memos for the New Millennium,” which took place on December 1 and 2.
The aim of FUA-AUFs mission is to use this curatorial project to integrate students with the community through a process of experiential learning. This immersive opportunity lets students experience the Florentine environment first hand, therefore developing a very unique way to engage with the community as well as offering a platform to develop social and cultural connections.