Final Student Exhibit – Spring 2024

Final Student Exhibit

Spring 2024

Final Student Exhibit – Spring 2024

Coinciding with Blending Magazine’s celebration of FIAT, this year’s final student exhibit adds even more depth to the story of the timeless car brand. The exhibition features a wide range of mediums, including photography, digital art and mixed media installations, showcasing the versatility and talent of FUA-AUF’s student body.

With a focus on FIAT’s creative influence, the exhibit encourages the viewer to experience the vastness of Italian culture. Altogether, immersed in a visual journey that celebrates FIAT’s legacy, the students’ work illustrates the intersection of art, culture and automotive history. The curation of this exhibition was executed by students and instructors from the institution, participating in experiential learning programs.

This immersive opportunity allowed students to delve into Italian art culture and engage with the Florentine community, leaving them with tangible, practical skills and experiences.