Joe Castellucci

Modern Peaks

Joe Castellucci

FUA-AUF Photography Student

Modern Peaks is a collection of photographs that incorporates many different photographic techniques and processes. Buildings are everywhere and people may not realize that they are their own works of art. Someone had to design it with the intention to be viewed and utilized. With this series I printed or rearranged buildings of contemporary and classic design to create a new space out of existing architectural forms. By utilizing the forms and textures of old and new buildings and then blending them together one may see the similarities and differences that are in one city alone. This collection of photographs is a look into what urban or rural architecture may look like as contemporary architecture design is becoming more popular. By looking at the parts of these rather innovative and futuristic structures we can get an idea as to how we might build our urban landscapes now and into the future. These images inspire one to look at more than just the building as a whole, but at the individual parts and the design that they embody.
In this way, my work parallels the multiple layers of perception involved in the experience of architectural space.
I enjoy the double take, the investigation that is needed to figure out just what it is that one is looking at. By transforming what is familiar and common around us I hope to reveal something more complex and mysterious. This draws attention to the ways that we construct the world by looking at it as it makes us question the origin or history of a building or style of architecture. When our perspective shifts or is distorted, new understanding and meaning becomes possible.

Joe Castellucci | FUA-AUF Photography Student