“Alberi”  Photographs by Marco Gualtieri


Photographs by Marco Gualtieri

I felt stuck. Time was frozen. No one was around until I photographed the first three images. Alberi is a photographic series that is my perception of nature portraits during the past winter. I spent my time taking long walks in the surroundings of Florence and in its parks to break the monotony of the restrictions to our social life due to the pandemic. The observation of the overlooked landscape around me has always been at the center of my photographic research but for some reason I always seemed to point my camera lens at the urban environment and at nature itself. In this series I found a personal connection with trees. This connection developed into a fascinating visual journey where I discovered an infinite variety of imaginary characters living in the tree trunks. I discovered an enchanted forest as my work evolved. All photographs displayed at Corridoio Fiorentino were made with traditional black and white film and printed in a darkroom on photographic paper. 

BIO Marco Gualtieri is a landscape photographer based in Florence, Italy. He has a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from DAMS (Drama, Art, and Music Studies) University of Bologna, Italy; a Bachelor’s degree in Cinematography from the National Film School of Rome; a certificate in Documentary and Photojournalism from the International Center of Photography of New York. His work has been exhibited in the United States, where he has lived and worked for the past decade. Marco is currently based in Florence and collaborates with Florence University of the Arts as a photography instructor.